Great things happen when your goals align.

Become a Leetie Love.

What's A Leetie Love? Why, it's where you start building your own successful leetie boutique business. 

We are currently only taking on *TWENTY* Leetie Loves and are making sure they are regionally diverse. If you are interested in starting this new adventure with us, Just send us this form & purchase your Start Up Boutique Box (choices are below).

Step 2: Fill Out Our Leetie Love Form, so we can get to know each other a bit...

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Thank you Leetie Lover! We will be in touch with you shortly via email with loads of info and maybe a few more questions. We want to get to know you and arm you with all that you need to do well at this gig! And we can't wait to hear your ideas as well! Have a lovely day!  

-Heather DeSimone, ceo & head hustler at Leetie Lovendale.

PS Here is a link to the Principles & Procedures Agreement so you can take a look at it ahead of time!

Are you a Boutique or a StoreFront? We have other Wholesale Packages for you! Please be sure to reach out to us over on the Stockists Page.

Are you a Leetie Love already?

Here are some tips and tricks of the trade in the Leetie Loves Tool Box!