Own or purchase for a boutique or store? We welcome wholesale orders to storefronts. There is a $250 net minimum opening purchase to qualify for keystone pricing. Prices on site reflect suggested retail price points.  

How To Order Leetie Wholesale:

Option 1: Order from our line sheet. We have just completed a line sheet using Etsy Wholesale. You can place an order using that RIGHT HERE!

Option 2: Start with a TRUNK SHOW event! This is a super popular way to introduce your shoppers to Leetie. Here's how it works. We will send you a contract that goes over the ins & outs via email, but in a nutshell you're going to get a super big old batch of earrings, necklaces, cocktail rings & other popular, hot sellers. Advertise a wine & cheese, VIP event to your customers & we'll do the same on our end using social media, our site and email. Sell Leetie during your event and then when it's over, you inventory what is left & send payment for what has sold.  You can also use these large amount of stock to shop for your own store because after this VIP event, your shoppers will most definitely be back for more colors, and build their collectionr.

Option 3: A Pick Box! Not sure which items to start with? We are happy to pull together a box for you with some general directions from you about what you think will work best for your store. For example, you might say something like "No oranges! Only simple necklaces, no statements! My shoppers love hoops, but not buttons." etc.  We take the initial $250 deposit + a shipping charge for a Priority Mail Med Flat Rate Box (right around $14 within Continental US). Then, you have a week to go through the goods, make your decisions & send back what might not be a good fit for you. We'll charge any extras to your card on file. And there are incentives (ie extra discounts) to encourage you to just jupm in with both feet & keep the whole box.  You'll want to.

FAQ about Purchasing Leetie Wholesale for your Store...

Q: Why do you have a $250 opening minimum order?

A: You want to introduce Leetie into your store with a bang.  Part of the wow factor for our colorful line of jewelry, is that the price points allow you to sell in volume, or multiple pieces to one shopper.  They'll want to collect. You need to carry a good amount of stock in order to inspire your customers to dig, pile up and purchase loads of Leetie.  Leetie isn't very expensive. The price points, especially for earrings, are great for at-the-counter, last minute impulse add-ons. So you'll want to have plenty of choices for your shoppers. Also, we need to protect YOU the store owner. We can't offer retail collectors your discounts.

Q: How should I display Leetie Lovendale in my store?

A: There are so many fun ways to set up your Leetie goods in your shop. I'm sure you will have great ideas that we may not have enen seen yet. But a few different ways can be seen in some of these pics we have included below. You can colorize earrings & display in color baskets. You can use stick-on clips (which we are happy to provide or can send you a link where you can order them) and hang them on earring racks or anything with a rod or dowel. T-Stands are great to colorize bauble necklaces and offer 'color blocks' in your shop. Lucky Necklaces are a hot seller right next to your cash wrap in a basket - just a great last minute gift sale.

Q: Where can I see you to purchase in person for my shop?

We are going to be adding more wholeale gift & apparel & accessories shows in 2016 if all goes well. For now, you can see us at retail markets across the country where we are willing to sell wholesale to stores with credentials. You can see our show schedule here.  OR if you are in the Arizona, Maine or Boston areas, we might just be able to get to your store & see you in person. Contact us with your location & we'll see if we can figure out how to meet you.