Audrey Knew.

I love Audrey Hepburn. I've always loved her style & grace. When I saw this quote I had mixed feelings about it. Even though I've always loved her "love life & embrace it" style, sometimes things in life come up and make us NOT happy.

She got it. She knew that bad things happen. Like, oh I don't know... she almost starved to death as a young girl, during the Natzi invasion of Holland. But she knew that our happiness was the result of how we choose to embrace the things that go on in our lives.

That's why I stuck with it and posted this quote. I love it & try to embrace this philosophy every day. My guess is you do too!

Thanks for reading. For being bold. And loving life! And loving Leetie!






Happy New Year!

December 26, 2013

Leetie Lovendale collage - happy new year!

Happy New Year!

I have never been one for a party on New Year's Eve.  I'm hardly a home body, but the thought of ringing in a new phase in life, looking back, reflecting on a year that has gone by, those things have always struck me as something I want to do in my PJ's with a glass of wine, a 'fire in the place' (as one of my boys used to say when he was little), and surrounded by my family.  I love a good time out, but even when I was in my young and swinging single days (ok, way back when), I have always felt that the whole spectacle around the holiday was bittersweet.  I'm an otimist, love to look at the bright side of things, but the look back and the look ahead always just well, exhausts me.

2013 has been a fantastic year for Leetie.  I am happy to say that Leetie Lovendale has grown leaps & bounds in 2013, thanks to you - all of Leetie's supporters, collectors and hoarders.  Whether I have met you at a market, shipped you Leetie Lovelies online, or you have purchased your Leetie love at a boutique which reps us, I THANK YOU wholeheartedly.  

There are many new things on the horizon for Leetie Lovendale.  We are going to be at the Whole Bead Show as a part of the Tucson Gem Shows this year.  We are also taking part in some outdoor markets in the Phoenix area in early January and late February.  We are going to be sharing a showroom in Yarmouth with The Beadin' Path: an online vintage beading and jewelry supply company I have been a part of for the last 20 years.  It's in an old mill right on the Royal River.  It will be exciting and a little daunting moving the studios out of my home.  But what started as an office space, then an electroset space, then a jewelry deisgn & stringing space and with the lack of a real great shipping space, it just seems that this little company has blossomed into one that just needs more space.  Once the move is complete, I'll be sure to share pics of our new digs and invite you to the open house.  I'm very excited that I have a space to more comfortably meet with buyers and clients, and I can't wait to see what evolves as we take on our new space.

Happy New Year & can't wait to see you in 2014!

Love, Heather

Vote for Leetie! 

Leetie Lovendale was nominated! Yes, really!  Not really for President, though.  Which is just fine with me, I can't imagine wanting that job... 

But,we are in the running to win $10,000 and be honored as the Audience Choice in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards.  And we need YOUR help! Yes, you!  Please go HERE and Vote.  And please do it every day.  And please do it 6 times each day.  

I know it's a lot to ask.  But $10,000 would mean a lot to this blossing business of making colorful things.  We would use the moo-lah to do some bigger trade shows & get into some stores near YOU.  So please, Vote.  Please tell your friends.  And I have to say, I want to give each and every one of you a big kiss for doing these things.  Or at least a pair of earrings.  

Vote for Leetie Lovendale, right here, right now.  Thank you very much!

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Leetie Updates - Summer 2013

Posted on August 26, 2013, by admin

It's been one crazy busy Summer for Leetie.  The markets where we sell our wares have been busier than ever & I hope have so much fun meeting new people and seeing return Leetie Lovers again & again.  I'm working on updating our Show Schedule today because we have added many, many new dates and shows to carry us through the Fall & Holiday seasons. AND, Leetie now has some friendly show helpers that you're likely to run into at one of the markets this season.  I thought it would be fun if I showed your their pretty faces, right here, right now so you knew who they were if you run into them!


Leetie Stylist Jan ParkerThis is Jan Parker & she happens to be my (Heather DeSimone's) mother. She is also the namesake for our company.  Her nickname when I was growing up was Leetie, and Lovendale is her maiden name.  She helps me out at loads of the Boston shows when she's not busy selling her own handmade tote bags and wallets at markets herself under the label Jan Aleta.  Check out her wares here.

Jan is a Maine native who enjoys time in her restored antique farmhouse with her husband Reg & 2 cats George and Gracie.  When she can, she spends time with her 2 grandsons who happen to live right next door, and her new granddaughter Sophie who lives in Phoenix.  

Be sure to say Hello the next time you see her at one of the markets, loaded up with Leetie Lovendale jewelry!


Cindy Taylor, Leetie Stylist


And this is Cindy Taylor (she's the pretty face in the front) showing off her Leetie while working at the Providence Artisan Market in Lippett Park.  You will be seeing her helping out at various markets over the upcoming Fall season.  I have known Cindy for years & she used to be the store manager at The Beadin' Path, a company I have owned with Jan since 1993.  She's an adventurer who is happy to be on the road, travelling New England and meeting new people in the mission of spreading color.  

Cindy lives in Auburn, Maine with her husband Ron. She has 3 grown boys, one of whom was recently married during the wedding of the Summer!  She loves to work in stained glass and makes her own jewelry as well.  When she's not spreading the color Leetie Love at the markets, she is spending time with her grandson, Cole or fishing and enjoying her camp on one of Maine's scenic lakes.

You wil find Cindy at several Providence and Salem Markets this Fall as well as near home.  Be sur eto stop and say hi to her & introduce yourself. She loves to meet new people!


Heather DeSimone, designer Leetie LovendaleAnd this is me... I'm Heather (although I love to answer to the name Leetie).  Just in case you haven't met me in person yet, I thought I should show my own mug if I'm showing off my helpful helpers.  I am married to my beau of 20 years, Chris and have 2 young boys: Maximus and Alexander.  We live in North Yarmouth, Maine and enjoy spending time at our famiy camp on Long Island.  When I'm not making or selling Leetie, I can be found wandering vintage stores, treasure hunting on Maine beaches, or working at the old mill where The Beadin' Path warehouse lives.  

I'd love to hear from you! Where have you seen us?  Have we met you at a market? Say hello in the comments below and let us know where you have seen Leetie or where you'd like to see Leetie in the future?  


Thanks & Happy Monday!














bloggy blogerton. Getting things Done.

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Blog. Blogging is always so overwhelming to me. I can Tweet, post, list, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Ebay, & Squiddoo. I hadn’t even heard of these things 3 years ago. But I had heard of blogging. And I’m still just as stuck on how to blog as ever.

Meet me in person & I will talk your ear off. It’s true. So I’m going to ‘talk’ here. I hope that’s OK. I’ll try to keep it mostly about jewelry, vintage plastics, jewelry components maybe & somewhat relevant to why you might have found this site. Some other stuff might slip in there too, can’t be sure.

So today, I’ve asked my dear husband to keep my 2 boys occupado today. They are 8 and 4. They’re wonderfully energetic & creative boys and given a day off when we’re all home, they will want something active to do. It’s cloudy, so I can’t just tempt them with the great outdoors & the beautiful weather. The 4 year old is into folded paper today. My husband, who happens to be resting on the couch with a sinus headache, has been asked to fold paper every which way into fans (“we can take them on vacation!”), airplanes, numbers games, cards, books & whatever else his little heart desires. Husband is doing so, with a minor amount of enthusiasm. The 8 year old is focused on his new sneakers that we have just found on ebay. Apparently they are the most coveted athletic shoe on the planet, at this time. I did not know this when I promised him a new shiny pair, as a reward for graduated a book basket up. So this morning, after hours of searching, we found them. They will take 3 days to get here, maybe more. But he insists on asking me to ‘google’ when they’ll be here. The instantaneousness our kids understand was so foreign when I was a kid.

Told you some other stuff would slip in.

The reason I tell you all this is, as I work on this website, updating the piles & piles of lucite earrings that are on my desk this morning, I can hear all this going on.
So we’ll see how much gets accomplished on this site today. I have loads of great nautical-hued, reds, navy blues, whites & blacks to list. Many are already in my Etsy shop: I’m hoping to get them updated here as well. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned. I’ll try to blog better. :-)

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